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What is in a name?'s Journal

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16th June 2007

steaksammich9:46am: What's your favorite question to ask someone when you are first getting to know them?

6th June 2007

tbone7:13pm: Do you ever go through your userinfo and try to remember the various friends and communities you haven't heard from in a while? Do you ever lie awake and wonder what the point of everything is? Do you ever stop to think, and forget to start again?

27th January 2006

steaksammich1:34pm: Why does this community show up on my list of LJ birthdays and why does it have a birthday of April 8th? Was that the day it was created? Why aren't there any other communities on that list for me?

22nd June 2005

steaksammich10:56am: How is your week going? Does anyone actually call today "hump day"?

Did you notice that I changed the userinfo?

17th June 2005

dontmindher5:21pm: Does anyone else have a problem...?
...with the section of the bio "Are there rules to this game? Why wouldn't there be? But I think they are obvious, don't you?", secifically the last sentence? Isn't "But I think they are obvious, don't you?" technically losing? Don't the rules state that the statement is not really a question if it is in two complete clauses joined in a sentence where one is not a question? Shouldn't that last question be "Don't you think they are obvious?"?

Would be moderator person be so kind as to change it? Does he/she know it would make the lovely Rachel quite happy?
Current Mood: Am I chipper?

14th June 2005

steaksammich11:27am: What's your favorite movie?

9th June 2005

steaksammich12:39pm: Who wants to take a poll?

Poll #509613 Anyone want to take a poll?

What's your favorite question?


8th June 2005

steaksammich10:38am: What's in a name?

7th June 2005

steaksammich10:20am: This thing still on?

13th March 2005

lastpunslinger8:13pm: What rhymes with "orange"?
What question leads to the answer "42"?
Do you even know what I'm referring to?
Why the heck do I rhyme unintentionally so much?
Is it some sort of verbal crutch?
Will you believe me when I say this was not supposed to be a poem?
Should I stop now before someone throws a stone?
Current Mood: geeky

10th March 2005

lastpunslinger5:33pm: Is anybody there?
Is this community dead? Is there anyway to bring it back to life?

Have you ever considered a world without hypothetical situations?
Current Mood: curious

27th January 2005

steaksammich3:48pm: How did my one word entry, "garlic", turn into a near 200 comment post with three different versions of the question game going on in it????

15th September 2004

scorpiocto2712:36am: Why isn't this room rocking? Where is everybody? This room should be riotly fun, don'cha think?
Current Mood: curious

13th September 2004

scorpiocto2712:04am: Hello? (hello? hello?) Is there anybody in there? Will you just nod if you can hear me? Is there anyone home?

10th August 2004

steaksammich4:14am: What's in a name?

24th July 2004

scotts_kitty9:42am: i'm new. i joined because i like answering questions. heres mine... if you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
mine would be french fries.
Current Mood: amused

7th July 2004

steaksammich3:47pm: Anybody here paying attention?

What's your favorite season?

18th May 2004

tbone11:56am: Is anyone still playing this? Should I admit that I forgot about it?

11th January 2004

steaksammich4:06am: Can you believe how cold it is outside??? How cold is it where you live? Is it as cold as it is in RI? 0 degrees is a bit much, don't you think?

21st November 2003

earthymonkey11:34am: Isn't this funny?
Do you like to read funny things? Have you ever heard of The Editing Room? Would you like to read the first paragraph here: http://ter.air0day.com/index.php?script=underworld ? Did you think it was funny to see the LJ reference?

Are you looking for something REALLY funny? Do you not mind Star Wars jokes? Did you go to that page? Did you see the link for "Archives"? Can you click on it? Now do you see "The Phantom Menace" listed? Would you like to read a good "abridged" version of it?

Are you having fun?

11th November 2003

earthymonkey12:28am: Did you miss me? Did you know I wasn't around for a while? (Did I ask this question once before? Am I getting old and repeating myself?)

Do I really want to know the answers to those questions? Will you be kind when replying?

May I thank you in advance?

Shall I put a PS? Did you know I missed this community?

26th October 2003

smorewhore2:49pm: Where have I been, that I didn't know about this community?

Why is my ear stuffed up? Did I sleep on it funny?

11th October 2003

curiousmoonbeam10:06pm: Do you like Pink Floyd? Did you know that I'm listening to them right now? What is your favorite band? Did you know that I like older bands that were from the sixties?

24th September 2003

curiousmoonbeam9:47pm: Banned Books Week
Did you know that this week in "National Banned Books Week?" Do you like to read? Do you know that this is an awesome opprotunity to celebrate your freedom to read?
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