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Does anyone else have a problem...?

...with the section of the bio "Are there rules to this game? Why wouldn't there be? But I think they are obvious, don't you?", secifically the last sentence? Isn't "But I think they are obvious, don't you?" technically losing? Don't the rules state that the statement is not really a question if it is in two complete clauses joined in a sentence where one is not a question? Shouldn't that last question be "Don't you think they are obvious?"?

Would be moderator person be so kind as to change it? Does he/she know it would make the lovely Rachel quite happy?
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Who is in charge of this place, anyway? Do you think he really knows what he's doing?
What the hell are you trying to say!?
Uh oh, where did you come from?
Do you know where Rhode Island is?
Isn't it, like, way over there somewhere? Did anything important ever happent there?
How can you ask such a question? Isn't my life important enough to put RI on the map?
haven't we already established that concieted sarcasm is against the community rules? haven't you read the previous comments on this entry?
Who says I'm sarcastic? What would RI be without me?! Would it still be our nation's greatest state?
Do you want the real answer to that question, or the one that is dripping with sarcasm?
Am I the only one with no respect for him whatsoever?
why would you give yourself such credit?
You mean there are others who hate Brian as much as I do?
Do you mean me??? Why wouldn't you respect me?
Don't I deserve respect??? Why don't you like me?
You expect me to be able to list out all the reasons? Don't you realize that would take an eternity?

For starters, why do you smell so bad that I can smell it all the way over here in Indiana?
Don't we have an eternity? Can't you start a little bit?

What makes you think that's my smell???
What, you think I have nothing better to do than list reasons why you suck?

And do you not trust my judgement on the smell issue or something? Huh? Y'wanna make something of it?
So what else do you have to do?

Why would I trust you!? Don't you want me dead?


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11 years ago

Isn't a little rule bending acceptable? What do you think I know about grammar? Besides, who is Rachel?
isn't it obvious that rachel is the loveliest and most gramatically inclined, if not spelling inclined, here?
How do you know that? Do you know every member of the community?
Is there a rule in this community against being sarcastically conceited?
Did you see that rule on the userinfo? Does that mean that you're not really conceited? Does that mean that I might be the loveliest member of the community?
Did I say that? ;)